June 27, 2016

Prom Photos from Your Graduation

Did you manage to get some nice prom photos of yourself in your prom dress/suit? If you were too busy and didn't plan a photo shoot but you still have your prom outfit, let’s get together for a fun and beautiful portrait session (professional hair and make up included for the girls). Prom photos of gorgeous teenaged girl in prom gown Gorgeous teenaged girl in prom gown in horse carriage More

February 29, 2016

The Transformation

A cold and snowy day is a good time for a fashion portraits session with a gorgeous mother-daughter duo.  We started with a complete makeover for them both. I didn't want to have too much makeup on an already gorgeous pre-teen, so we kept the makeup to a minimum for her, but wanted a full-on glamour look for mom.             mother and daughter portrait session by Montreal Portrait Photographer

Posing for Fashion Portraits

The posing in any portrait session is extremely critical - I would put it right after ...

February 09, 2016
There's something exciting about a before and after session. As a Montreal portrait photographer, these types of sessions put the spring in my step and if need be, I can be ready to shoot at the crack of dawn! And why not? I'm very passionate about making my clients look and feel beautiful. And it's so rewarding to see them connect with an oft-forgotten side of themselves.   Before and after session Before and after session More

November 05, 2015

Bridal boudoir session

Posing women during a bridal boudoir session is a really difficult task because we all come in different shapes and sizes.  But it's easier when you have clothes to cover up some of the imperfections most of us have.  However, what do you do when you don't have a lot of clothes to use as camouflage?  This thought wasn't mine - this was a light bulb moment for me when one of the photographers I met at the conference last month told me this because I was struggling to understand why this genre of photography was so challenging. More