February 29, 2016
Fashion Portraits of Mother-Daughter | Montreal Portrait Photographer

The Transformation

A cold and snowy day is a good time for a fashion portraits session with a gorgeous mother-daughter duo.  We started with a complete makeover for them both. I didn’t want to have too much makeup on an already gorgeous pre-teen, so we kept the makeup to a minimum for her, but wanted a full-on glamour look for mom.

Asian woman before and after glamour portraits

Gorgeous Mom







Pretty teenager girl getting a makeover and portrait session

Beautiful Daughter

mother and daughter portrait session by Montreal Portrait Photographer

Posing for Fashion Portraits

The posing in any portrait session is extremely critical – I would put it right after lighting.  For this session, it was inspired by Vogue cover girl shots and both ladies just nailed the high fashion and glamour/beauty poses.  It was extremely difficult to choose wardrobe for mommy S, because the dresses she brought with her were all absolutely fabulous!  The wardrobe and the posing had to be in sync. A more casual posing was appropriate for the shorts and tee look.

The session took a little longer than anticipated as we took our own sweet time to get ready, snack in the middle and then continue.  However, the images that came out of the session were worth all the time and effort for everyone.

The Final Fashion Portraits

Fashion headshot of glamorous womanBeauty headshot young teen girl







If you’re interested, you can check out another before and after session.