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Engagement Session

Are you getting married outside Montréal?  Maybe, in Ottawa?  Or, perhaps Toronto?  I am open to traveling to these cities if that's where you're planning on solemnizing your vows. 

There are a number of considerations for choosing your Montréal wedding photographer.  You're not only hiring a photographer, but your photographer will actually end up spending an entire day with you, your family and your friends!  And that day happens to be the most important day of your life as well!  Will you hire someone who you haven't had a chance to connect with or someone who has no training or experience?  Will you hire someone whose personality isn't a good fit for you or your bridal party?   That could end up ruining your entire day!

Having a friend or family member cover your wedding day is always a nice idea, but not necessarily the best thing to do!  Hiring a professional with the proper training and experience will ensure your photographer will be able to do their best in any difficult situation, and we all know these situations crop up in the form of delays, bad weather, and other things only too often!   And you also know of Murphy's Law - everything that can go wrong, will!  A wedding professional can sail through most of these!  

Remember, the photographs will be the only memories you will have of your wedding day for the rest of your life, so please plan sufficiently.

I offer a number of all-inclusive packages starting at $1399.  Please use the contact form to get in touch with me!  I'm really excited to hear about your big day and I would love to invite you to hear about the details over a cup of coffee!  And you are under no obligation to hire me!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and happy planning!